Cristo Rey is currently taking applications for students who will be in 9th grade in Fall of 2018.

Applicants must meet Both of the criteria below.


A Student’s Family must:

Be of low to moderate income. Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic School is designed for students who desire a College Preparatory, Catholic education but who could not otherwise afford one and are interested in working in a professional business environment to gain valuable career experience.


Students must:

  • Be at least 14 years old on or before September 1, 2018.
  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Commit to work five, full days a month.

How to Apply (English)

(Español Debajo)

You can apply Online, or Download a PDF application.

online Application Form

To complete our student application online please click the link below. You will be required to complete a “Request for Student’s Records" and copies of each of the three, required, Letters of Recommendation. These forms are available for download after submitting your student’s application for admission. 


Download PDF application

A PDF version of our Student Application is available by clicking on the link below. Page 2 of the application includes a checklist for parents to ensure all required materials are submitted. A separate form must be completed and gives permission for release of “Request for Student’s Record.” Finally, copies of each of the three, required, Letters of Recommendation are included at the end of the downloadable application.

Como Aplicar (Español)

Puede aplicar en línea o descargar una aplicación en PDF.

Solicitud de admisión en línea

Para completar nuestra aplicación estudiantil en línea por favor utilice el enlace abajo. Necesitará completar la forma "Request for Student's Records" y copias de las tres cartas de recomendación. Estas formas están disponibles para descargar después de entregar la aplicación de su estudiante. 


Descargue una solicitud de admisión en formato PDF

Una versión PDF de nuestra aplicación se puede encontrar dándole click al enlace abajo. La página 2 de nuestra aplicación incluye una lista para ayudarle a estar seguros que todo los materiales requerídos esten listos. Una forma adicional da permiso para pedir el récord del estudiante de su escuela actual. Finalmente, las 3 cartas de recomendación vienen incluídas con cada aplicación.

Admissions Policy

Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, ethnicity, national origin, or disability in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic and other school-administered programs, including student admission.

Cristo Rey provides a Catholic, college preparatory education and professional work experience to students from families with limited financial means. 

From their work efforts through our Corporate Work Study program, Cristo Rey students earn approximately 60% of their own tuition. 

Every family is asked to make an investment in their student’s education.  Families are required to complete a financial assessment form and submit it to TADS, our third-party vendor.  TADS independently, fairly and equitably assesses a family’s financial situation. The results of the financial assessment are used to set a tuition amount that is meaningful to a family, but not a hardship.  Tuition for Cristo Rey families is set on sliding scale according to a family’s circumstances.  Family contributions toward tuition range from $10 to $250 a month.  

Financial Aid (English)

(Español Debajo)

Tuition assistance is available on the basis of demonstrated need. If you believe you qualify financially to attend Cristo Rey OKC, you are encouraged to apply.

TADS is an independent vendor that fairly and equitably assesses a family’s financial situation. Recommendations from TADS are used by Cristo Rey OKC’s admissions committee, in accordance with its policies, to determine if a family qualifies for admission and recommends a tuition amount. 

Application Information

Go to to complete the financial application.  The $40 processing fee is made payable to Cristo Rey OKC. Failure to pay the processing fee will delay this evaluation.


Supporting Documentation

The following supporting documentation must be submitted to TADS through, by US mail, or by fax to 612.548.3326 (24 hours):

  • Household members' most recently completed federal tax forms (personal and businesses owned)
  • W-2s from each job held by household members
  • Most recent pay stub from each job held by household members
  • Documents that establish the amount of miscellaneous monthly or yearly income you currently receive (i.e., welfare, food stamps, unemployment, workers' compensation, etc.,)
  • All corporate, partnership, and trust forms, if a household member owns 20% or more interest in a corporation, partnership, or trust

Need Assistance with your Application?

You may contact TADS for assistance completing the application or to check your application's status.  TADS does not have information about tuition amounts.  

Online Chat:
Mailing Address:  1201 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Telephone:  800.884.8237 (M-F, 8-8 Central)
Fax Number:  612.548.3326 (24 hours)

Ayuda Financiera (Español)

La ayuda en forma de beca está disponible de acuerdo a la necesidad mostrada por cada familia. Si cree que calificaría para asistir a Cristo Rey OKC, le animamos a que llene una solicitud.

TADS es un proveedor independiente que de manera justa y equitativa evalúa la situación financiera de cada familia. Las recomendaciones de TADS son utilizadas por el comité de admisiones de Cristo Rey OKC de acuerdo con sus pólizas para determinar si una familia califica para ser admitida y recomienda la cantidad de colegiatura.  

Información para Aplicar

Visite para completar la solicitud de beca. La cuota de $40 se puede pagar a Cristo Rey OKC. El no pagar la cuota puede retrasar la solicitud. 


Documentos Adicionales

Los siguientes documentos pueden entregarse directamente a TADS a través de, por correo o por fax al 612.548.3326 (24 horas al día)

  • Las formas más recientes de los impuestos federales para cada familia (personales y de negocios)
  • Formas W-2 para cada miembro de la familia que trabaje
  • Talón de cheque más reciente para cada miembro de la familia que trabaje.
  • Documento que establezcan la cantidad de ingresos mensuales que recibe de otras fuentes por ejemplo beneficios gubernamentales, estampillas de comida, beneficios de desempleo, indemnizaciones etc.
  • Toda forma de relacionada a un fideicomiso, asociación empresarial, o corporación, si alguien miembro del hogar es propietario de al menos 20% de una corporación, asociación empresarial o fideicomiso.

¿Necesita ayuda con su aplicación?

Puede comunicarse con TADS para recibir ayuda para completar la aplicación o revisar el estatus de su aplicación. TADS no tiene información acerca de la colegiatura.  

En línea:
Correo:  1201 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Teléfono:  800.884.8237 (L-C, 8-8 Hora Central)
Fax:  612.548.3326 (24 horas)

Conveniently located

Cristo Rey is located on the OSU-OKC campus at 900 N. Portland Ave. in Northwest Oklahoma City.

Use the button below for directions, schedule a visit, hours, or if you just have a question.