Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school for students of all faiths who cannot otherwise afford a private education. Cristo Rey Oklahoma City nurtures and challenges young women and men to recognize and realize their full potential as they grow to love God, respect others and serve their community. Each student participates in the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), which offers a weekly work study experience for all four years.

We are seeking a group of dedicated, intellectually curious and mission-driven educators who are open to growth and want to be part of our founding community.  As part of the faculty, they will have the unique opportunity to help develop one of Oklahoma City’s most promising educational options for young men and women. Candidates should have an appreciation of the school’s mission, a commitment to the values of Catholic education, and be comfortable modeling an active and inspiring faith life for all in the community.  

Curious about what Oklahoma City has to offer?

Oklahoma City represents opportunity for the taking, a stellar standard of living and a spirit that says "go for it!" Watch the video for more about relocating to Greater Oklahoma City.

Find more information about relocating to Oklahoma City at www.ABetterLifeOKC.com.


There are no current openings at Cristo Rey.  Please check back from time to time.